Gift Certificates

You can pick up a Gift Certificates for Massage Therapy at the front desk any time that the office is open. A variety of treatment times are available and all regular methods of payment are accepted.

You also have a very cool option where I can mail a custom Gift Certificate to the recipient of your choosing. A very nice touch for that special someone. Just imagine your gift arriving in the mail with a special message from you. You would never be forgotten for that one! A massage in the mail? What could be better. Ask me how I can do this for you.

Also, as a blatant marketing tool, I will honour any of my competitors Gift Certificates. Yes, you read that correctly. It is my way of getting you into my office. I believe that in one hour, or the equivalent of whatever the gift certificate’s face value is, I can convince you that it is worth your while to come back for another visit. Sometimes in life you have to take chances, and this is one chance that I am willing to take. So that gift certificate you’ve got, that you haven’t used, because you’re not sure if you want to go, well, that is your ticket into my office. Take a chance, you will not be disappointed.

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